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│ AUGUST │ 2012

New association between young obesity and gallstone risk. A healthy weight during all life can avoid a lot of diseases.
Source BBC: Gallstone risk 'higher among obese teenagers'  


Imagine that your favorite things like beer, cold air, leather, sun, money… can cause allergies! Yes it’s possible

Source Yahoo: 6 Weird Allergies, Explained

Forget your previous belief about healthy snack by eating cereal bar, it was found to be high in sugar!
Source BBC: Cereal bars: Healthy image a myth - Which?


To avoid dementia: brush your teeth daily! Especially for women with 65-percent greater likelihood of dementia among those who brushed less than daily.
Source Yahoo: Dental health linked to dementia risk

Situation alarming in Sierra Leone, the outbreak of cholera infected more than 10,000 people and killed 176 since January.

 Source BBC: Sierra Leone cholera death toll rises

The risk of depression and anxiety increased by 17% compared with the year before, for partners of heart attack victims.

Source BBC: Spouses of heart attack survivors 'suffer too'