Backpain during pregnancy.

MAY, 1│ 2013

A large number of mothers suffer from backache during pregnancy. The standard situation, can become very annoying if you are not careful.

What to do before and after Childbirth

The "backaches" are often due to a bad position during pregnancy. The higher front body weight due to the presence of the baby in the uterus shifts the Centre of gravity and requires balance readjustment to compensate. This situation exaggerates the otherwise normal  curve of the spine and therefore causes tension in the lower back causing pain. The relaxation of ligaments resulting from hormonal activity can also cause sciatic pain. This influences the pregnancy (starting from the second quarter and more specifically the sixth month) and it's effects are primarily felt by the pregnant mother in the evening. Various elements such as age, condition of the back, fitness, the number of children and the weight gained during pregnancy may worsen the intensity of pain.

The usual recommended practice of physical activities is to relax the spine, strengthening the muscles. You can opt for yoga or gymnastics practice to improve on the situation. It is recommended to  practice under qualified supervision; for instance under the guidance of a physiotherapist so that the symptoms can improve.

Also, watch your diet to avoid excessive weight gain between 9 and 12 pounds on average. Get enough rest and take a nap as often as possible.  You may also follow specific medical sessions to strengthen your abs. As a final point, don't hesitate to ask your partner or husband for some relaxing massage.

Avoid pregnancy strain

-Avoid caring heavy objects.
-Stay away from long car journeys. If you have to travel, take a break at least every hour and put a cushion in your back.
-Sit properly: when sat on a Chair, keep your feet flat, along with your back and thighs to the right.
-Bend your knees rather than folding them in half to catch an object. Stopping vacuuming is highly recommended.
-Keep your heels short (maximum 2 cm) and get a comfortable pair.
-Subscribe to pool: swimming is favored for pregnant mother's back. Breathing is easier, because the nose and mouth are out of the water.
Leg movements are identical as for crawling (beats) and work calves muscles. There should be no effort from your back. All the back muscles are strengthened, thus easing the pain. In any case, do not take any medication without prescription!
-Stay as straight as you can without pushing the stomach forward.
-During  sleeping time, lift up your feet and your neck using a cushion or a specific pregnancy pillow which, offers better ergonomic. The most suitable position is to be curled up on your left flank, keeping the pillow between your knees.

If you experience pain, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. They may prescribe physiotherapy, osteopathy or acupuncture.

Pregnancy exercises should be monitored or prescribed by a professional medical team. Also, always seek professional medical advice from a qualified doctor before undergoing any treatment.

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