Be free to drink coffee but don’t abuse it.

by MANON │on AUGUST, 27│ 2012

   Drinking coffee is a daily habit for a lot of people, but may be you don’t really know which effects it generates. Let me tell you more about that.

9 reasons to drink coffee:

-   Coffee is a good antioxidant like green tea.
-   Drink 1 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day can reduce diabetes risk by 30%, compared with not drinking coffee at all.
-   Drink coffee on a regular basis have up to 80% lower risks of developing Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
-   Two studies performed by the Harvard School of Public Health Drinking, explain the correlation between coffee and a lower incidence of gallstones and gallbladder disease. in (not with decaffeinated coffee).
-   Coffee can increase short term recall and generate a positive relationship between test scores and the amount of coffee regularly drunk.
-    Effect of migraine and headache medications can be increase by drinking coffee.
-   Coffee consumption is also correlated to a reduced risk of oral, esophageal, and pharyngeal cancer.
-   Coffee moderately reduces the incidence of dying from cardiovascular disease.
-   Drinking coffee is also known to prevent constipation.

However you don’t need to drink coffee to excess, there also exists some risks.

7 risks of drinking too much coffee:

-   It may have a depressive effect on a person’s mood when the caffeine wears off.
-   Caffeine in coffee can also cause heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and stress.
-   It’s also dangerous for pregnant women. Coffee is small enough to penetrate the placenta and slip into the baby's blood circulation. They should limit their caffeine intake because fetuses are sensitive to the drug.
-   Coffee can cause gastritis and ulcers.
-   It can also cause anxiety and irritability.
-   It has some bad effects to the sleep; it cause insomnia in some and in others it can cause narcolepsy.
-   Take Tylenol (Paracetamol and Acetaminophen) with caffeine may damage liver.

A little advice: Try to avoid putting milk and sugar in your coffee because it’s much worse for you than the coffee itself.

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