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DECEMBER, 14│ 2012

From your breakfast to your supper, most of the things that you  consume affects your brain in several manners. Studies on energy needs suggest many people still fall short to appreciate how the nutrients we eat influence the manner our brain works. In some occasions, some foods can help you feeling much better . When you eat, tour food is broken down into  energy that is distributed to the body; the brain receives more than the rest of the body.  The brain is only 2% of your body weight  but it needs 1/5 of the total calorie intake to work correctly.

As the energy is carried out to the brain during digestion, paying attention  to your food  can  help keeping  your body healthy. One of the most important factor to have a healththy brain is to be able to keep a well balanced diet. This can help you staying away from  medical conditions such   melancholy or feeling down. While reduced Cholesterol diet may profit the body it is necessary to know in details which food are more likely to power our brain with real energy. Where can we find energetic food?

Seafood and Omega 3

Our brain is fueled by sugar and some fat types. This allows our brain to achieve requested tasks  in good conditions. The brain also stores fat and  sugar (glucose) which, provides our brain with energy to keep performing requested tasks adequately.

Studies suggest that Junk food has the opposite effect  as it lowers cognitive capacities .

Omega 3 fatty acids encourage brain cell to grow. You have almost certainly heard that fish is the main source of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).  It is interesteing to note that tuna packed in water has more Omega 3 Fatty acids than Tuna packed in Oil.

Some types of eggs (eg some type of enriched eggs) can also prove to be a source of Omega 3 fatty acids. You may also find them on Yogurts or even orange juice..

For correct eye and brain growth in the children, omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role and adequate diet is decisive to ensure the infant receives enough DHA.

Antioxidants and Glucose

If you want your brain to work effectively, it requires a constant ingestion of glucose, which suggest we should not skip meals. The majority of fruit and vegetables offer a firm dose of glucose, yet we must be careful not to overload as countless calories create free radicals which are bad for the body. Free radicals wipe out brain cells, which in return deprives you from antioxidants needed to sustain good health.

Vegetables bring your body plenty of antioxidants. Drinking Teas is as well one more technique to purify your body.

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