Maternity Cover

by MANON │on AUGUST, 20│ 2012

Having your maternity covered

     Once you have decided to have a baby it is advisable to realize that maternity cost can be very high.
Most International Medical Health insurance plans offer pregnancy cover either as an option or built-in the insurance plan because maternity coverage is not a stand-alone insurance plan but a benefit associated with some health insurance plans to help cover medical expenses associated with pregnancy and delivery.  Most plan cover Inpatient pregnancy delivery as well as pre-delivery Outpatient cost.  There are some major differences from one pregnancy insurance plan to another; some insurance companies offer higher pregnancy cover and benefits while other offer reduces benefits. You may choose your pregnancy insurance plan according to the cost of the medical facilities found in your country of residence. Typically the cost of pregnancy in USA is much higher than in most other countries around the world. It is therefore advisable to carefully choose your pregnancy insurance with this in mind.

Pre-delivery test can also prove to be expensive but most maternity plan cover Outpatient maternity pre-delivery test., sometimes with sub-limits or coinsurance.  If you live in an area where Outpatient costs are low you may choose to have only your pregnancy delivery covered by your health insurance; this will reduce your plan premium.

Pregnancy waiting period

Because pregnancy is considered a pre-existing medical condition, you should apply for a health insurance plan that offers maternity coverage well before becoming pregnant, if possible. Usually, Health Insurance providers have maternity waiting periods for pregnancy coverage. Medical insurance providers typically offer waiting period from 8 to 12 months from enrollment on the maternity plan.

If you are already pregnant we can offer you some Insurance plan that will cover your new born without underwriting. This means that if your new born child has a pre-existing medical condition at birth he/she will be covered without being underwritten by the insurance company.

As mentioned earlier, some insurance providers have pregnancy cover built-in their health insurance plan. Such approach is most always preferable as when the pregnancy waiting period is passed you are free to fall pregnant whenever you wish. Another advantage is that if you get pregnant by accident after the pregnancy waiting period you will be able to use your pregnancy benefit immediately without having to wait for the end of the health plan waiting period.

Planning your Maternity

Before maternity, if your current plan offers no benefit for pregnancy it is possible to switch to a plan with maternity cover. Planning your maternity in advance will allow you to benefit from various options.

 It is not recommended to search for a maternity insurance plan once you are already pregnant as insurance companies will not be able to offer you a lot of options. Our team of highly trained advisors can assist you to find the most suitable pregnancy plan for your needs; please do not hesitate to ask us for a pregnancy healthcare quote.

Have a baby after 30 years.

Nowadays, women get pregnant lately, because of their job or any other reasons. So they will be glad to know that it’s good for them!

An American study from South Caroline show that being pregnant after 30 years old, reduce the risk of endometrial cancer! The American Journal of Epidemiology conclude that mother who have her last child between 30 and 34 years old have 17% less chance to get this cancer, and between 35 and 39 years, 32% less.

But don’t forget that when a woman waits too much to have a baby, she’s gonna be less fertile and the future baby could be autistic or have another disease.

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