Monday, August 13, 2012 Posted by Raphael

Health insurance in America

        In June 2012, the American congress analyzed the ct. Thanks to this new motion, the main issue is the creation of a nationwide insurance system which aims to reduce the number of Americans without coverage. Regarding this new law, insurers must accept all comers regardless preexisting health condition. Unfortunately, the court in charge of the control of the law proposition decided to restrict a major portion of the law, Medicaid, which is related to health insurance program for sick and low-income people. If elected, Mitt Romney promise not to restrict this part of the health insurance reform. One thing remains entire : Health Insurance coverage is a sensible issue on which Republicans and Democrats did not find an agreement yet.

A survey has just shown that a consistent part of Americans believe that obese and smokers should pay more for the same health insurance. In this study, 1,500 people were asked to answer questions related to the health care insurance issue. 80 percent of them believe that the US health care insurance system needs to be changed. Today it has been proved that over 46 million Americans currently live without subscribing to any health insurance.  But is it really fair to take into account healthy or unhealthy behavior of the client to change the price of any insurance ? The question remains entire. According to Helen Darling, president of the National Business Group on Health, above 20 percent  of American employers give insurance discounts to non-smoking workers. More and more employers tend to apply this discount.

But obesity is almost as damaging as smoking for health. Today it’s even possible to imagine that in a near future, BMI (body mass index) would be took into account to apply that kind of financial discount regarding health insurance program.

Health care data related with the USA

United states of America is the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have a universal health care system. 2 years ago, 16,3 percents of US population had no health insurance. The first reason that is given by those who didn’t subscribe to this was the cost. Another reason is lost job or changing in employment, and also the fact that Medicaid benefit had stopped. Above 40 millions people say they need health service without receiving any.

There is a need to change the health insurance system in the USA.

Number of people without health insurance climbing years after years.

This number dramatically climbed in huge proportion in only one year: almost one million people more in 2012 compared to 2011.

As explained before in this article, another notion has to be linked with the increase of the number who doesn’t subscribe to any health insurance program. Indeed, poverty is increasing  in the united state of America.  The truth nowadays is that most employers have stopped offering health insurance, or diminished the insurance covering.