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Emergency Evacuation Insurance


Generally, Emergency Evacuation Medical Plan option is crucial to be able to be treated in the most suitable medical facility should you happen to travel in a country where medical facilities are not up to your standards.

Emergency evacuation will allow yourself or your family to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility which has adequate medical staff or facilities to treat you or cure you.

It is usually recommended to take an international insurance plan with emergency evacuation option. A lot of insurers have emergency evacuation built in their plan so it is not always necessary to pay more for emergency evacuation.

It is also important to understand that the decision to evacuate you will be taken by medical staff. Often, emergency evacuation procedures are handled by the insurance company. However, some insurance companies may have agreement with local evacuation companies that are used to deal with evacuation in your specific area or country.

You may find that some international health insurance plans offer to evacuate you in your country of origin. This may or may not be part of the insurer policy wording and is often referred as repatriation.

In order to be evacuated, the emergency evacuation procedure must not threaten your life; in any case the discoing will almost all the time be taken by concentration between the doctors and your insurance company, whether the evacuation takes place by ambulance or helicopter (flying doctors).

If you need a health insurance plan that includes emergency evacuation please do not hesitate to contact us, one of our advisor will be in touch with you with emergency evacuation information.

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