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International Health Insurance Free Quotes

 Get the international medical insurance coverage that is the most adapted for your needs. Our International health insurance plans are specially designed for international exchange students, foreign overseas teachers, expatriates and their families. International Health Insurance plans will make your stay overseas safer.

International Health Insurance plans offer a comprehensive line of worldwide health insurance products. Please select from the portfolio choices above to learn more about these products. All our insurance plans are quoted free and supported by the most responsive and professional administration service in the market.

International Medical Insurance plans

This product provides annually renewable major health & medical coverage for Individual, Families, Corporate and Teachers. Coverage is available for US Citizens overseas and non-US Citizens anywhere, including the US. Whether you have relocated outside your country of citizenship, or on an overseas assignment, or doing career mission work, you need the comprehensive, portable and seamless coverage provided for by a worldwide health insurance plans.

 When you travel abroad you face increased risks to your health and safety. You need a good international travel health insurance plan for your security. Whether you are planning a single trip, multi trip or long term stay in a foreign country, the international travel health insurance plans offered here will give you peace of mind to enjoy a short trip or long term stay overseas.

Individual / Family insurance Free Quotes (1 Year and more)

These international health insurance plans are designed for an individual. These plans are renewable and are offered for all occupation and ages. The premiums are linked to your area of residence as well as your age but are not dependent on your nationality.


Travel insurance Free Quotes (less than 12 month)

For short term Insurance we offer Travel Insurance. Typically, Travel Insurance cover you when Travelling for less than one year. The renewal is however, not guarantee. Travel Insurance do not offer cover in your country of permanent residence.

Group insurance Free Quotes

For groups larger than three persons we offer customized international health insurance coverage. Further special discount premiums may be available. If you are interested in arranging a group premium please contact us so that we can evaluate which plan would be the most suitable for you.

International Health Cover Brokers

 We offer a fully comprehensive range of international Healthcare products, medical as well as travel insurance products. You may choose from the choices above the type of health insurance plan you are looking for to learn more about the most appropriate medical plan for your needs. Our health insurance plans are advised to you along with free quotes and free support. You can rest assured that you will benefit from a highly responsive and professional administration service.

International Health Insurance

 This product is renewable each year. It is available to either Individuals, Families or Teachers. Coverage is provided to both American Citizens overseas and non American Citizens anywhere in the world, including the USA. Should you have relocated outside your country of origin, for career mission work reasons or whether you need a comprehensive and portable International Health cover, our International Healthcare plans will provide you with the medical cover you need.

International Travel Insurance (short term insurance)

 When you travel abroad you face more Health and safety risks. A comprehensive international travel health insurance plan will ensure you safety and peace of mind all along your journey abroad. You may travel for a single trip, multi trip or even a long term stay in a remote foreign country our international travel health insurance plans will give you the tranquility you need to enjoy your trip, whether it be a short trip or a long term stay overseas.