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Group and Corporate Health Insurance Plans

Corporate Health Insurance plans are renewable. Depending on the number of employees you have you may be entitled to further Group medical insurance  premium discounts. We can customize your group Healthcare plan to match your needs as Health insurance plans for corporate usually offer more flexibility than regular health insurance plans and also better benefits.

If you are unsure which International Health Insurance plan is best for you, our highly experienced team of advisors will contact you and explain in details which Healthcare plan is best for you.

Our service includes a free phone support wherever you are located as well a free quote.

Protect your employees Health

Typically, Health insurance plans for Groups are renewable and suitable for people of all ages. You may choose within different level of cover: hospitalization only Health Insurance coverage, Hospitalization & outpatient Healthcare cover, chronic condition, dental and maternity cover. The detail is available in our Group Insurance Table of benefits.
Spouse and children can also be added to your corporate Health Insurance plan scheme and in some cases you may benefit from premium discounts.

Some Corporate medical insurance plans offer additional benefits such as medical checkups cover, chiropractor or vaccination coverage.
Depending on where you leave you we have the option to choose a Group Health Insurance plan with direct settlement; these specific Healthcare plans allow you to go and see a doctor without paying and then claim the money back.

After your Group Healthcare plan scheme requirements have been defined with one of our dedicated corporate advisor we will set up a Group insurance free quotation taking into account your expectations, the number of employees you have as well as their location.
We will guide you through all steps to choose which Health Insurance plans best suits your needs by setting up a selection of medical insurance plans from different high ranking International Medical Insurance providers.

Depending on your location, health Insurance plans for Groups may provide Direct Billing facilities or email Outpatient claims for your employees so that it may simplify claim process. There are special Health insurance plans for small, medium and big organizations so your corporate medical plan can be built according to your needs.

Health Insurance Group plans are flexible and can be customized to include maternity or dental cover, chronic conditions coverage, travel insurance (short term Health Insurance plan), personal accident etc.

We can also include a deductible  (excess) to minimize the policy administration and keep your Corporate Healthcare plan premiums low.

If you are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, we can help select the best Healthcare provider to extend coverage according to this pre-existing medical condition.
Employee families can also be covered under the same healthcare group plan.  

We have set up a table of benefits for group Health Insurance plans with various level of benefits offered by major International health insurance providers. These benefits are explained clearly.

The medical plan benefit table is divided into 4 sections: Hospitalization benefits (Inpatient), Outpatient benefits, Maternity benefits and Dental benefits section.
International Healthcare plan benefits such as Outpatient benefits, maternity benefits, dental benefits, emergency evacuation coverage or repatriation cover can be added to the main core plan Hospitalization benefits.
This indicative healthcare benefits table may vary from one medical insurance provider to another.
Ask for a
Health Insurance free quote to receive a customized healthcare table of benefits adapted to your Health cover needs.