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About Us

International Health Cover Brokers is an independent International Health insurance broker. we are dedicated to offering you unbiased advice in the choice of International health insurance products.
International Health Cover Brokers services help you maintain prime customer support while focusing on delivering excellent customer service.
We have made Ethical work a priority to protect clients' best interest whether this be in the short term or long term.

Our International Health Cover Products

We offer highly comprehensive medical insurance plans whether you are an individual expat, a family, a teacher or a corporate health insurance.
Over the years we have developed excellent relationship with the major international medical insurance providers which allows us to determine the most relevant health cover benefits for yourself, your business or your family. Our International Healthcare products can be customized to match your needs; whether this be to add wellness, Dental or Maternity benefits to your healthcare plan.
We offer a range of free service, free support and free health insurance quotes, as well as being transparent and trustful. Our services include free telephone support.

Being an experienced International Healthcare broker you can be sure that you can fully depend on our quality of service to guide through the choice of your International medical insurance. Being ethical, we focus on honesty while achieving excellency of service.
We have developed trust relationship with our clients who in return are proud to recommend us to their friends and relatives as they know they will receive first quality advice and great support over the years while on the plans.
Our 100% Free recommendations to guide you through the most appropriate International Health Insurance will be followed by free support after purchase, free claims support, free administration, renewals, emergencies and payment processing.

We will constantly thrive to be the Best Health insurance broker you have ever had, offering long term support over the years to come.


Our Medical Insurance Broker Company

All our International Health Insurance advisors are highly trained professionals who have extensive knowledge work experience in advising yourself which International Healthcare plans will best suit your needs. Your personal advisor while making some recommendations to you will explain in details why a specific medical insurance plan is more appropriate than another. This will help you taking the best decision at the right moment taking in consideration all medical cover information you may or may not be aware of at the moment of purchase.

Objectivity of advice is our focus in delivering the most comprehensive and suitable recommendations in the choice of your Health Cover benefits plan for you or your relatives.
Our consultants  have international background and multilingual abilities so you can be ensured to talk to an International Healthcare advisor who understands the specific medical insurance needs you may have. As an expatriate you will feel "at home" talking to one of our International Healthcare advisor. This is very important as your background may impact your health insurance expectations. Advising our expat clients we feel that our extensive understanding of the International health insurance market offers our client a clear and unique view of this otherwise confused International Healthcare market.
We offer top-class customer service to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their International medical insurance. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with our clients while they enjoy peace of mind knowing they are on the most appropriate health insurance plan.

Our expertise and excellent level of service is of first asset.

Our Team of Health insurance advisors

At International Health Cover Brokers we believe that being passionate is an important factor in delivering first class to quality advice to our clients for the choice of their international medical insurance. Our team while receiving top quality training are highly involved in their job and customer focused.
Among our International Healthcare advisor team are expatriates who exchange on a daily basis their experiences and International Healthcare knowledge so that they may offer you better advice as well as the best administration support and service.

International Health Cover offers International Healthcare plans in many countries; as such our team have some knowledge of the area where you are located. Contact us to find out more about International Healthcare plans available in your zone of residence. The International Insurance providers have offices located around the world and may offer different plans depending on which location your country of residence is. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to a particular International Health Insurance  plan please talk to one of our advisors to determine which insurance company offers the most relevant cover for you. We currently offer free advice over Individual and Family International  Health insurance plans, Group Health Insurance plans as well as International Health Insurance plans for teachers.

International Health cover career

At International Health Cover Brokers  we believe that only well trained International Healthcare advisors can help you choose the best medical insurance customized to your needs. High quality of service to deliver and free advice are core part of our mission to provide you with the most appropriate health insurance plan.