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 Here you will find resources that will give you some information about the International healthcare insurance system. Help and Frequently asked questions will also provide you with a better understanding of the various International Health Insurance products currently available.
We have also provided you with several links to helpful websites for Expatriates and travelers, as well as a full list of the most well known hospitals around the world. Keep in mind that we are here to support and help you in any possible way while you search for the insurance that best suits your needs.

Glossary of International Health Insurance terms

   In this section we explain the most useful terms related to International Healthcare. You will get a quick insight about how International Health Insurance plans work.
Read more about Glossary of International Health Insurance terms

Health Insurance Questions

   The Health Insurance Questions answer various questions you may have about International Health Insurance plans availability and coverage.Read more about Health Insurance Questions

Frequently asked Questions

   In this section you will find some insight about how International Health Insurance plans work.
Whether you wish to travel or move out to a foreign country to work or study these Frequently asked Question will help you understand which International Health insurance provider is right for you.Read more about Faqs

Health Insurance levels of cover

   We have gathered the most common levels of cover found in Health Insurance plans.
You will find an explanation of all these cover levels here; they may either be core part of Healthcare plans or optional health insurance modules.Read more about Health Insurance Levels of Cover

Emergency Contact Form

  If you are one of our recent client or if you would like to change your emergency contact please this form.Read more about Emergency contact form

International Healthcare articles

  In this section we have gathered informational articles about medical conditions.Read more about International Healthcare articles

Hospital Links

  The list of worldwide hospital will assist you in finding a well known hospital near you or wherever you are.  This is an important information resource to consult in case of emergency.Read more about Hospital Links

International Health Insurance in several countries

  Do you wish to find some website and portals about expat communities or find a job in the health Industry ?
We have gathered some great popular website links over the internet for you to make new contacts.Read more about International Healthcare in several countries

International Health Cover offer a comprehensive  range of International medical insurance plans. You can among our wide portfolio and learn more about International Healthcare plans.

All our International Health Insurance insurance plans advice come along with a free quote. We provide you with Healthcare free support and free admin. Our professional Health Insurance advisors will guide you step by step to the most suitable Healthcare plan for your needs.