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Health Checks Health Insurance


Regular medical Healthchecks allow you to monitor your health regularly. This level of cover gives you more chance to be alerted of a new medical condition before it becomes critical or acute. If you can have an early treatment then your chances of total recovery will be much higher. You can protect yourself and your family by choosing to include Health screening cover in your Health Insurance plan.

 A large number of Health Insurance companies offer plans with optional regular Healthchecks. They typically offer annual Health-checks benefits and allow you to benefit from annual Health-checks in relation to your age. You may find that some insurers offer specific Health screening test depending over the age of 40. Similarly, some health screening test are specifically suited to children.

Some Hospitals offer Healthcare screening package with several test in relation to your requirements. These package usually offer better prices and integration than separate test and allow your doctor to have an overview of your health with different criterias.

When selecting a medical Insurance it is important to define your priorities with your medical insurance advisor so that you can benefit from the most accurate advice. International Health Cover offer a selection of Healthcare with Health-checks. We can health you selecting the most appropriate Health-check option with your International Health Insurance.


International Health Cover offer free advice to select the best International health insurance plans. We select the best International Health Insurance at the source for you.

As an International Medical Insurance advisor we can provide you with free support and a free medical insurance quotes.  Our Medical Insurance consultant will give you a comprehensive selection of the most competitive health insurance plans.