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Inpatient (Hospitalisation) Insurance


International Health insurance plans typically cover Inpatient healthcare.
Inpatient means that the patient must be hospitalized and thus usually stay at the hospital at least one night.
Most International Healthcare plans offer the choice of both doctor and Hospital, unless the plan takes advantage of the insurer Network.
It is important to be aware that the cost of an Hospitalisation can vary a lot from one hospital to another. This is the reason why it is advisable to ask the cost of an hospitalisation prior to admission. This is especially true in Countries such as USA and China where the cost of surgery can be very high. Most insurance companies have high limit stated in their International Inpatient plan table of benefits. However, you may find that some healthcare plan do not cover some cost; it is therefore advisable to check whether the following cost are covered by your health insurance provider.

Typically, Inpatient Health insurance benefits coverage includes the following:
• Surgery cost (Inpatient and Outpatient surgery cost)
• Hospital room cost (Private or semi private room)
• In-patient medication during Hospitalisation
• Intensive care room
• Medically necessary In-patient Laboratory tests such as Per Scan, X-rays, MRI as well as useful diagnostic test

Some Inpatient plans (Hospitalisation) may also coffer the following:
• Organ transplant
• Ambulance cost

In order to benefit from a more complete plan you may also decide to have a Healthcare plan which covers the following:
-Outpatient benefits
-Dental Benefits
-Maternity Benefits
-Repatriation benefits 

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