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Do you offer Italy Health Insurance to local Nationals in Italy?

International Health Cover (IHC) work with a large number of First Class Health Insurance providers in Italy and worldwide. All our International Healthcare plan providers offer International Health Insurance plans in Italy and worldwide. Whether you are an Italian living in Italy or an expat we can offer a suitable healthcare plan selected across a full selection of Healthcare plans. As an International health Insurance Broker we offer Medical Insurance plans in a lot of countries around the world.


Our International health Insurance for Individuals and Family plans allow you to relocate to a new country outside Italy. Whether you are a foreigner or an Italian living in Italy we can offer an appropriated International Healthcare plan suited to your preferences. We can offer several levels of cover in Italy; whether you are located in Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples or any other Italian city our Health Insurance plans can be modified to offer the level of cover you wish; this will insure your International Healthcare plan fully matches your preferences.


Typically, our Health Insurance plans can be renewed as long as you wish. This is crucial as if you have a sudden major accident during the plan you will be able to renew you Health Insurance plan. In case of retirement in Italy, having a fully renewable medical insurance plan will ensure you can keep your healthcare plan in the long term. Most of our Medical Insurance plans have very high limits and benefits so you will be fully protected if you have a serious disease or an unexpected accident while traveling to Italy.


Our annual International Healthcare plans benefits are usually superior to $1,000,000. Our Medical Insurance consultants can help you selecting the most suitable physician or hospital in Italy. International Medical Insurance plans also allow you to access any International Hospital you wish; for example if you live in Italy but want to have surgery in another country outside Italy you are free to be hospitalized in the country of your choice. Similarly, if you wish to visit a Gp or specialist outside Italy your health insurance plan will cover you.

In order to find out about Health Insurance in Italy please contact us for a comprehensive Health Insurance Quote.

International Health Cover is a Healthcare advisor. We help you finding the best Health Insurance. No matter which country you are located our Medical Insurance advisor can find the best Medical Insurance for you. We work with acclaimed Health Insurers to guarantee you will have High quality benefits and cover.