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Can you provide Kazakhstan Group Healthcare?

As an International Health Insurance we offer International Health Insurance plans in Kazakhstan as well as worldwide. Our Kazakhstan Group Medical Insurance Plans can offer complete Health benefits and are simple to understand for your employees. Typically, a main benefit to enroll on an International Group Health Insurance plan is the flexibility to add and withdraw staff from the International Healthcare plan as time goes by.


If you have employees in Kazakhstan it means that you can add or withdraw employees as time goes by without having to wait for the end of the contract. Typically, continuous cover is achievable in case a member leaves the company in Kazakhstan and transfers to an Individual Medical Insurance plan under comparable level of cover. All our International Medical Insurance plans are very flexible. You may for instance have some members of your staff covered for Inpatient and some other employees may take advantage of an optional Dental Coverage.

Most of our International Healthcare plans also have very high limits and benefits so that your plans will be sufficient to cover you in case a major unexpected accident happens to you or your family in Kazakhstan. Our annual International Health Insurance plans benefits are generally high enough to cover most unexpected medical risks.

Starting from 20 employees in we can offer Group Healthcare plans with MHD option (Medical History Disregard). MHD terms mean that cover for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is possible without underwriting. Waiving the pre-existing medical conditions waiting period will also ease the procedures to join the Group Health plan. MHD can also allow employees with a medical condition that occurred before the plan starts to join the plan with no cover waiting period related to their condition. Employees Health Insurance benefits have a significant influence over in retaining your employees as Medical Insurance benefits it is perceived as a key advantage by employees.

In order to find out about Health Insurance in Kazakhstan please contact us for a comprehensive Corporate Health Insurance Quote.

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