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Does Travel Insurance cover me in several countries?

International Health Cover works with First Class Medical Insurance companies around the globe. All our Health Insurance providers have been selected for their International medical coverage available in many countries worldwide. We regularly monitor our healthcare Insurers to check they always offer high coverage standards wherever you may be located. These Health Insurance Insurers offer the security you need when you are overseas. If you want to visit several countries your family our Health Insurance plans will follow you in your new country of destination.


You have the choice between short term Health Insurance (Travel Insurance) and Health Insurance. We usually advise to choose a Travel Insurance plan for a length of time below 6 month; if you want to be insured longer we recommend you consider a Full Health Insurance plan which can be renewed after 12 Months. One of the advantages to choose a Health Insurance over a Travel Insurance is that Health Insurance is fully renewable, even if you happen to develop an unexpected disease while on the plan.


International Health Cover is not an agent; we are an insurance Broker. This means that we continuously work in the best interest of our clients and not  in favor of the insurance companies;  thus making sure our clients choose the best  Medical Insurance plan.


We offer a full range of plans to insure we can positively help you finding the best medical plan for your needs, wherever you may be. We can customize your plan and choose among several levels of cover such as Hospitalisation, Outpatient, Dental and maternity benefits. All our Health Insurance plans offer coverage flexibility. You can decide which level of cover you want and we will select the best Health Insurance solution for your family.


When choosing an International Health Insurance plan, it is important to be aware that some worldwide countries have very high Healthcare cost and thus traveling to several countries means that you may face unexpected medical cost.

Most of our Medical Insurance plans have very high limits and benefits which, means that you can be covered for high medical expenses that may arise while traveling to some countries with high healthcare cost such as USA and China.

Please contact us for a free advice to find out which Health Insurance plan best suits your needs.

In order to find out about how Travel insurance can cover you in several countries please contact us.