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International Medical Insurance Frequently asked question

 In this section you will find some insight about how International Health Insurance plans work.
Whether you wish to travel or move out to a foreign country to work or study these Frequently asked Question will help you understand which International Health insurance provider is right for you.

-What is an International Health Insurance?

An International Health Insurance is a medical plan that will cover you worldwide.
International Health Insurance plans provide cover for Hospitalization, Outpatient, Dental or maternity.
The cover may apply to an individual, a family or a group. An international Health insurance plan will
also offer cover when you travel overseas so it is particularly relevant to citizens traveling worldwide.
Typically, the International Healthcare plans can be customized to reflect you needs. Whether you wish to have basic coverage (Hospitalization) or whether you wish to protect yourself and your family with extended coverage International Medical insurance plans will offer the right coverage to ensure you peace of mind wherever you are.

-Can I benefit from an International Health Insurance?

Most International Health insurance plans are suitable for all ages and nationalities. Some plans are suited to some profiles as they offer specific cover; for example some plans may offer free cover for children while some other International Health Insurance plans will cover you for repatriation in your country or residence. Our advisors will guide you step by step to determine the best International Health Insurance plan according to your needs.

-Will I be covered for surgery?

All all Health Insurance plans will cover you for Hospitalisation (Inpatient) and also surgery; the vast majority of Healthcare plans also cover Outpatient surgery.

-What is an excess/deductible?

An excess/deductible is the amount of money to be reached before the Health Insurance company start covering you. Some excess are annual while some are per condition. Typically, an annual excess is calculated with the total medical expenditures you have had since you started your Health Insurance plan. The per condition excess applies every time you have a condition (eg a cold or an hospitalization). The higher the excess, the lower your Health Insurance premium.

-How can I  benefit from having an excess/deductible in my International Health Insurance plan ?

Having an excess can help you saving money by reducing your Medical insurance premiums. If you haven't been sick during the length of your plan then you will not have spent your excess.

-What is a Corporate Health Insurance plan? (Group plans)

In order to benefit from a Corporate plan you must have a group of at least 3 employees working in the same company. Employee's dependents are also eligible to group plans (Husband, Wife and Children).
The more employees, the bigger the discount. An International Health insurance scheme allows adding and withdrawing employees from the corporate Healthcare plan with flexibility. Therefore, if some employees stay in the company for a short period of time the cost will be calculated accordingly.

-How long will my International Health Insurance plan last?

International Health Insurance plans are usually 12 month plans. They are also renewable which means that no matter whether or not you have been sick during the plan you will be able to renew it if you decide to do so.

-What is the difference between an International Health Insurance plan and a travel insurance plan?

While Travel insurance plans are good for a short period of time, the renewal of the plan is not guaranteed as opposed to an International Health insurance plan which offers renewability.

If you wish to be able to renew your Healthcare plan, an International plan is suitable.

An International medical insurance plan travel with you overseas and are particularly suited to international citizens traveling to various locations whether it be for business or to move out to a foreign country.

A Travel insurance is available for a single trip or multi trips. However, a travel Insurance plan will not cover you in your country of residence.

-What is the different between Inpatient and Outpatient?

Inpatient covers the cost Hospitalization. It includes the cost of the room and the medical expenditures while being hospitalized. Inpatient cover typically includes accident cover, dental emergency cover, surgery and daycare treatment.

Outpatient also offers cover for GPs, Specialist and usually prescribed medication. International Health Insurance plans offer the choice of the medical facility to be hospitalized as well as the choice of the doctor for Outpatient consultations.

-Is there an age limit to join an International Health Insurance plan?

Some insurance companies have age limitations to join their Healthcare plan while some other offer no age limits to enroll.

Some International Health Insurance plans also offer lifetime renewability which means that you can stay on the plan as long as you wish.

-What is the area of cover for an International Health Insurance plan?

Most International Health Insurance plans have typically 2 areas of cover: Worldwide excluding USA and worldwide including USA.

However, some International Healthcare plans excluding the US still offer emergency cover should you travel to USA for a short period of time.

-Will I be covered for Maternity?

A majority of International Health Insurance plans offer optional Maternity cover. There are waiting period for maternity (typically 8 to 12 months).

Some Healthcare plans offer cover for delivery only while some others insurance plans offer Outpatient pre-delivery test coverage.

Complications arising during maternity or delivery may also be covered by some plan. Please contact us to know more about Maternity. 

-Will I be covered for C-Section?

Depending on the International Health Insurance provider, you may be covered for C-Section. Some Healthcare plans will cover you for emergency C-Section, whereas other may offer cover for elective C-Section. For more information about Maternity delivery C-Section please contact one our advisors.

-Can I be covered for Dental?

Most International Health Insurance providers offer optional Dental cover. Dental cover usually cover routine Dental treatment (eg tooth decay) and they some also offer cover for Orthondics. Major Dental work usually carries waiting periods.

Similarly to Outpatient cover which allows you to go and consult any GPs or specialist, Dental cover allows you to go and see the dentist of your choice.

-What is a chronic medical condition?

A chronic condition is a medical condition which can be treated but not cured. Asthma is an example of chronic condition.

Since chronic conditions cannot be cured, people carry the condition all their life.

-Will I be covered for chronic medical conditions?

Some International Health Insurance providers offer cover for Chronic condition, whether it be for acute phases (Inpatient) or routine treatment (Outpatient).

Please ask one of our advisors for more information about Chronic conditions.

-What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a condition you have developed before you joined your Health insurance plan.

-Do International Health Insurance plans cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Some Healthcare companies may accept covering your pre-existing medical condition with a loading or a moratorium. The rest of the Health insurance providers do not cover medical pre-existing conditions.

-Do I have to pay in case if I am hospitalized?

If you are Hospitalized the International Healthcare provider will pay for your Hospitalization. However you must inform your Health insurance provider as soon as possible

so that they can contact the hospital to arrange the payment.

-Will I have the choice of Hospital and doctors?

An International Health insurance plan offer you the choice of Hospital and doctor.

-What to do in case of emergency assistance?

All International Health insurance providers have a 24 hour 7 days emergency number you can call in case of emergency. They usually offer multilingual facilities so that you can communicate easily and explain the situation as accurately as possible.

-What is Direct Billing?

Some International Healthcare providers offer Outpatient Direct Billing facilities through a Network of Hospital. If you go to one of these facilities you do not have to pay and claim your Outpatient expenses.

- How do I handle my Outpatient claims?

For Outpatient claims, if your plan does not include Direct Billing or if you go outside of the Direct Settlement network you will pay and claim. Some Health insurance providers allow you to send your claims by email or fax so the claim process is easier.

-Can I keep my International Health Insurance if I move back to my home country?

Some International Health Insurance providers will allow you to keep your plan if you relocate in your home country. Please ask one of our advisors to find out which International medical insurance plan offers such feature.

-Can I keep my International Health Insurance if I move out to a different country?

If you relocate to another country you will generally be able to keep your International Health Insurance plan. If you relocate to an area which is not covered by your plan you will have to change your area of cover to include your new location.

-Will I be covered for sports?

Hazardous activities, dangerous sport and professional sport practice are generally excluded from International Health Insurance coverage. However, some International Health Insurance providers offer full cover for sports. Please contact us to find out which International medical insurance plan offer coverage for your favorite sport.

-How do International Health Insurance premiums increase over time?

International Health Insurance premiums generally increase yearly to reflect medical inflation or age. Some International Healthcare providers offer a very steady age increase.

Your consultant will help you determine which plan in particular is the most suitable according to your age and profile.

-Why Have an International Health Insurance advisor?

Having an International Health Insurance advisor will allow you to benefit from free advice to choose the best Healthcare plan for your needs. All our International Health Insurance advisors are highly trained and have multicultural experience.

You will never pay more having us as your Healthcare advisor, all our quotations, advice and service are completely free. After you joined your Medical insurance plan we will keep providing you with free support for the length of your International Health Insurance plan.  

-How do we get paid ?

We get paid by receiving a commission from the Insurance companies. However, this will not affect in any way the price of your International Health Insurance premium. The price you pay is exactly the same as if you were going directly to the insurance company. After you joined the plan we will keep providing you with free service and support all along your plan and we will be happy to answer all questions you may have.