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Cigna Insurance background

CIGNA insurance company has been around for the last 200 years and continues to be an active player in international insurance industry today.

In addition to the popular life insurance, dental insurance and health insurance plans, CIGNA also carries a variety of plans.
For example, the hugely successful Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription [Part D] drug plans among senior citizens.
CIGNA has always been an innovative company and works tirelessly to improve the customer service, much to the delight of its policyholders.

How do CIGNA's products measure up? Here is a quick comparison between CIGNA s products and those from its competitors.
Going with CIGNA.

CIGNA has a multitude of products and services that take care of customers' health and well-being. Within its health insurance coverage, there are few choices for customers to consider.

As an example, CIGNA Choice Fund which offers deductible plans allows the customer a choice of Health Reimbursement Arrangement, Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account.


Cigna Insurance diversification

CIGNA also has prescription drug plans in combination of other insurance products.
CIGNA goes a long way back since 1792.
At that time, the Connecticut General life insurance Company [CG] and the insurance Company of North America [INA] were two separate entities. In 1982, the two merged and formed "CIGNA".

Individually, the two have been successful in their respective fields, the newly merged unit, CIGNA, eventually took over the corporate responsibility. CIGNA has also made a name for itself when it became one of very few insurance companies that dispensed full claims for the Chicago fire [1871] and the San Francisco earthquake [1906].

After the merger, CIGNA reinvented itself and started offering life, health, dental and employee health insurance coverage across USA. In 1989, CIGNA expanded its offerings to cover international services and has been on the expansion drive since.

In the bicentennial celebration in 1992, CIGNA announced new corporate logo, Tree Of Life, as well as its new pharmaceutical offering.

Beginning 2000, numerous industry awards have been bestowed upon CIGNA for its information rich web portal and outstanding leadership.

From an employer centric system, it has now turned its focus on customers by zooming in on customers' satisfaction.
Excellence in customer service is the hallmark of CIGNA today. 



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