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GMC Services International

Henner / GMC Services International

GMC Services International Health Insurance background

GMC Services International was created back in 1981 to take advantage of the international travelers and relocating expatriates business.  Among its travel related services, GMC Services International also provides International health insurance plans, assistance and repatriation services, death and disability coverage and retirement programs.

GMC Services International has the reputation of close working relationship with its pool of international clients, in order to come out with appropriate products that match the various lifestyles within expatriates� community. 

 It has been growing aggressively since the 80s and today GMC Services International has 115,000 customers spanning across 190 countries.

Henner / GMC keeps itself aware of the ever-changing aspects of international traveling and relocation market and it constantly introduces new products that reflects these ongoing changes, and the products are flexible enough to allow customers have complete control on the degree of coverage. 

These two factors combined, has kept GMC as the leading provider in the international healthcare industry.  On the customers' perspective, that means round-the-clock and adequate coverage regardless of what happens.

Henner / GMC is noted for its operation transparency, and it allows customers to have easy access to its network of claims and direct settlements. 

These have enhanced its professionalism and establish a service level that is not typically expected from any similarly-sized organizations.  Through these procedures, and coupled with direct interaction with customers, you will be assured that GMC really takes good care of your health.


Henner / GMC Services International Network

Henner also makes MedNet, a huge network of international hospitals, accessible to all policy holders.  Each hospital is individually assessed on its ability to develop quality care.  So that is another assurance that you will be treated effectively.

Just as important, the MedNet hospitals are connected to the GMC coverage and direct settlement system.  So you can approach a hospital for outpatient treatment and leave it to the system to take care of the billing.

The efficient claims system will make sure that your claim will be processed promptly.  Normally claims are settled inside 48 hours and remitted to your bank in the currency of your choice.

In emergency situations, there is this 24 x 7 helpline for international policyholders.  Professional assistant is always immediately available at your disposal, no matter where you experience your emergency situation.


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