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GMC Services International

Henner Group

Founded in 1947, Henner (originally GMC) is an International group, pioneer and leader in the conception and management of International Healthcare solutions for Individual, Families and Corporate.

The groups has more than 1,500 employees which mission is to provide daily support to 9,500 partner companies and protect the Health of 1.5 Million beneficiaries and their Families.
Henner has set up the world’s biggest network of Direct Settlement providers, with 49,000 providers across 166 countries. This network offer its members a wide access to International providers in all continents.

Henner has offices in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and offer support to its clients all around the world, whether it be Individuals or Corporate.
Henner's core strength is built on both Consulting through social protection schemes as well as Client Services including claim management.

With 4 fields of expertise (Brokerage, Consulting, Management, International Healthcare Network), the Henner Group also offers ISO 9001 certification which suggest strong quality of service.

At International Health Cover Brokers we are insurance advisors. Therefore we primarily work to the interests of our clients and not those of the International Medical Insurance providers.

This is the reason why we will always work to make sure that you are advised the very best International Health Insurance plan available for your own needs. Working regularly with International Health insurance companies present in many world locations we can offer you Health Insurance free quotes as well as a wide complete choice of International medical insurance plans. We will always thrive to offer you the most appropriate Health Insurance plan for your needs.