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Integraglobal Health Insurance background

You will be pleasantly surprised by the width and breadth of medical insurance plans marketed by Integra Global if you travel abroad frequently. These Integra Global plans are the safety factors behind its international customers, who move a lot all over the world for either business or leisure.

 You will not likely to find any other medical insurance products as integrated as Integra Global healthcare plans. Whether you are looking for short term health benefits as you plan your end of year holiday, or weighing the many insurance options before you take on a long term career move, we have the right products for you. You will also be impressed with IntegraGlobal network of over 5,000 hospitals and more than a million healthcare practitioners in the US alone, another 300 over in Asia, with China contributing 150. This network, complemented by our efficient direct billing arrangements that wired through the world, serves to make sure you can access medical care wherever you are.

Competitive Strength:

All Integra Global insurance products are priced competitively, despite their comprehensive natures. One outstanding factor that works in Integra Global favor is its comprehensive network that is made up of more than 5,000 hospitals and over 600,000 healthcare providers in America.
In Asia region, our Network has also been established and it is still growing after amassing over 300 providers in short time. Of course, the network is facilitated with our extensive Direct Billing Settlement.
Other features that customers appreciate are the 24 x 7 multilingual hotline, evacuation services and a Blood care program.

You don't want to spend an enormous amount of time to worry about health insurance in a new country.  But it is prudent you place priority on acquiring a dependable healthcare plan from a reputable insurance company, as you take on the different challenges and experiences in a new land.



At International Health Cover Brokers we are an International Healthcare plans Broker. As such, we work to preserve the interests of our clients and not those of the International Medical Insurance providers.

This is why we will always act to make sure that you are advised the most appropriate International Health Insurance plan available for your own needs. Working regularly with International Health insurance providers located worldwide we can offer you competitive Health Insurance free quotes as well as a full choice of International medical insurance plans. We will always aim to provide you the most appropriate Health Insurance plan advice, according to your needs.

The relationship we have developed with several International Health Insurance companies allows us to offer our clients the lowest possible International Health Insurance plans prices. Our Highly trained advisors can find the best Health Insurance cover for you or your family along with a very competitive price.

Having us as your Insurance broker is free and we guarantee that you will never pay more having us as your Healthcare broker.

International Health cover Brokers is paid the medical insurance company only in the event that you wish to purchase a medical insurance plan. When you decide to enroll on a Healthcare plan please be reassured that there is absolutely no hidden expenses as well as no extra fees.
Working with International Health Cover you are guaranteed to benefit from the best Medical insurance plan at the best prices.