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If I get very sick can I be evacuated?

Some Medical Insurance providers such as BUPA offer evacuation as an option while others have evacuation built-in their Medical plans. Emergency evacuation Health Insurance option allows you to be evacuated to the nearest Medical Facility; this means that if the facility you are located doesn’t have the required doctors or medical equipment to treat you then you will be evacuated to a suitable Hospital.


In any case, the decision to evacuate you is up to the doctors and your Insurance Company. Our Health Healthcare advisors can assist you finding the most convenient Medical Gp or Specialist in Taiwan. It is important to note that most Health Insurance plans allow you and your family to be admitted to the Clinic / Hospital of your choice. We can offer several levels of cover in Taiwan; our International Medical Insurance products can be modified to offer the level of cover you require; this will guarantee your Health Insurance plan fully matches your preferences. International Health Cover (IHC) work with a large amount of leading Health Insurance companies internationally.


All our International Medical Insurance providers have been screened in relation to their comprehensive Taiwan health Insurance and benefits through an important portfolio of Healthcare insurance plans. For example BUPA has flying doctor which means that if necessary you can be evacuated by air. We often review our Health Insurance providers to make sure they offer highly coverage standards. These Healthcare providers offer the tranquility you need when traveling to Taiwan. We are not an insurer; we are a medical Insurance Broker. This means that we always work in the best interest of our customers and not in favor of the Healthcare Providers; therefore ensuring our clients choose the best Medical Insurance plan according to their needs.


Our Healthcare Insurance prices are from the insurers therefore you will never pay more having us as your broker, our expertise is entirely free, and we offer you a comprehensive selection of the best Health Insurance plans for your needs.

In order to find out the best Evacuation Insurance plan for your needs please do not hesitate to contact us, one of our advisors will contact you to provide you with accurate information about the most suitable Health Insurance for you.

International Health Cover is a Medical Insurance advisor. We assist you finding the best Health Insurance. Wherever you are located our Medical Insurance advisor can find the best Medical Insurance for you. We work with Top Health Insurers to guarantee you will have High quality benefits and cover.