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International Health Cover > Resources > Insurance Questions > What key factors expatriates need to consider before choosing an international health insurance plan?

What key factors expatriates need to consider before choosing an international health insurance plan?

  The answer to this question can be summarized with 2 words: Safety and Security.

Just as its name indicates, international health insurance plan is a healthcare protection around the world. The insurers who provide their customers with an international health insurance plan cover their customers regardless of which country they live in. Policy Holders have the choice to get medical treatment in any country they choose within the geographical coverage of their plan. Because of the geographical coverage, comprehensive medical facilities and customized benefits, it is ideal for expatriates living away from their home country or international citizens traveling regularly. Since the plan is generally renewable the customers’ safety and security remains  well protected.

To most expatriates, living and working abroad is a challenge and often an ongoing adaptation process. Therefore, having a secure health Insurance in force brings peace of mind to yourself and your family. In general, local insurance companies are not able to provide equivalent healthcare services and access to all medical facilities; they may fail to deliver adequate healthcare level of cover that expatriates usually have in their home countries. Generally speaking, expatriates cannot benefit from local insurance when an unexpected accident(s) or disease(s) happens to them. Substantial gaps in medical cover when living and working abroad may happen. Enrolling on an International Healthcare plan can protect you from unexpected disease or accidental emergency and give you access to a wide range of International medical facilities.

International health insurance plans, are generally renewable (which means the plan-taker can still be covered if pre-existing medical conditions are happening within the one-year period and which is rarely possible in terms of local national insurance), suitable for all ages and occupations and designed to meet the needs for mobility. Therefore, geographical coverage (meaning the validity of the plan is not specific to one country but applicable worldwide so if the customer relocates to a new country or back to his/her home country the coverage can be taken with him/her as the same).

With regard to cultural differences and geographical disparities, International health insurance plans can be upgraded to offer further healthcare services and medical treatment for specific geographical areas all over the world. Generally speaking, the geographical coverage is divided into two parts: worldwide and worldwide excluding USA. In order to find out the most suitable Medical Insurance plan for your needs please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our consultant will contact you to provide you with more information about Health Insurance in your country of residence.