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 In this section you will find some Healthcare articles explaining several medical condition as well as Healthcare advice to help you deal with a particular medical condition.

Allergies: a growing concern
The rise of allergic disorders in the last few decades might result from a combination of multiple factors, including genetic, biologic, and environmental.

Diabetes: why does it develop?
What are the causes of diabetes ?
Read about the difference between type-1 and type-2 diabetes.

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Back pain: when to see a doctor
The difference between acute and chronic back pain, their causes and treatments.

Diarrhea: what can cause it?
Get insights about its causes, symptoms and treatment as welll as the difference between  acute versus  chronic diarrhea.

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BMI: how is it related to health risk?
The importance of calculating BMI to assess obesity and the risk of obesity-related diseases.


Ear infections: a common childhood illness
Ear infections are the most common diseases in infants and children under three years old.

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Breast Cancer: is it still a major cause of cancer death among women?
Trends of breast cancer incidence and the cure perspectives


What exactly is eczema?
Definition, types and treatment of eczema

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Burns: when emergency care is necessary
How burns are classified and how they can be treated according to their severity.


Flu: when vaccination is needed
Find out about seasonal flu: its symptoms, complications, treatment and prevention.

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Is Cholesterol necessarily bad for your health?
Find out how Cholesterol works within the body and how it can affect your health.

Fractures: who are the most susceptible groups?
What are the Incidence, symptoms and treatment of bone fractures.

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Eating disorders: a growing concern
How to manage eating disorders

H1N1: the global situation
Situation update on H1N1 influenza virus and essential information to prevent getting it.

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How to cope with arthritis pain
An overview of
the traditional and alternative therapies to fight arthritis pain.

Health safety when travelling to tropical areas
Which preventive and safety measures should you take when travelling to tropical areas to avoid tropical diseases.

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Memory problems: is it Alzheimer’s?
Recognizing Alzheimer’s symptoms and differentiating them from forgetfulness from other conditions


How to cope with depression
An overview on the symptoms and treatment options for depression.

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The remedies for asthma
What causes asthma? And how can this chronic inflammatory condition be treated and controlled?


Moderate daily exercise and good health
Understand the benefits of regular moderate exercise on your health.

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Vertigo: when to see a doctor
A review on the causes, symptoms and treatment of vertigo.


Pete Sampras: an excellent example of how to live with thalassemia
Causes, symptoms and treatment of thalassemia, the disease affecting the number one tennis player Pete Sampras.

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What is cancer?
Here is an explanation of what cancer is and the difference between benign and malignant tumors.


Short sightedness (myopia): one of the most common vision problems
Learn more about myopia causes, symptoms and treatment options.

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Crohns Disease: what is it?
A review on Crohn’s disease, its causes, symptoms and treatment options.


Snake bites: first aid
What to do and not to do after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

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Dehydration: when the body needs more water
Find out how important
the water is for human life and health, and its balance throughout the body.

The health benefits of fruit in your diet
The many nutritional and health benefits of eating fresh fruit.

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What are seizures?
An overview on epilepsy, seizures and their treatment.


Brain tumors: are there any known risk factors?
Find out about the risk factors, symptoms and treatment of brain tumors.

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