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Now Health

Now Health International

Now Health Health Insurance

Now Health Medical Insurance values

Now Health International is an International Health Insurance company. Their head office is located in Hong Kong and they have regional service centers in Shanghai China, Hong Kong, Dubai, and the United Kingdom.

Now  Health's value is to put customers first and deliver the level of cover customers deserve.

Now Health plans are underwritten by AXA, a famous medical carrier. They offer Comprehensive medical products with high benefit limits. Ethical policy is emphasized with a will to reduce daily paper consumption. One of their strength is to offer their client a highly comprehensive and functional website portal where clients have access to several option to manage their plans. 

Their organization allow a Global approach to serving clients, whether you are located in Europe, Asia or Middle East. It is worth knowing that Now Health has a clear transparency policy. Now Health also offer continuous Global cover cover from one country to another so that you can keep your plan in force when you relocate to a new country.


Questions related to Now Health International:

  •  Can I be covered for Dental with Now Health?

Now Health offers several International Health Insurance plans with various level of cover. Dental cover is offered as an option with the Excel and Apex plans. For Children, Dental cover includes Orthodontics. Several other options can be chosen with Now Health such as Maternity cover in case you are planning to have a baby in the future.

  •  How long is the enrollment process with Now Health?

Now Health has a strong approach on processing application as efficiently as possible. Most application are processed within 5 working days. The application process is straightforward and transparent. Once your application has been underwritten we will get back to you with the relevant document.

International Health Cover is an International  Healthcare advisor offering Medical insurance products around the world. We propose several Health Insurance plans to meet clients needs for International providers such as Now Health.

Our medical insurance advisors guide you in the choice of the most accurate Health Insurance solution, whether it be for yourself, your relatives or your company. We have strong  relationship with medical insurance providers in several countries worldwide. Our Healthcare providers like Now Health have customized Medical Insurance plans; you can therefore enjoy customized health cover according to your needs.

One thing you do not want to worry about when you are going away from your home is Medical protection; getting the most suitable healthcare solution give you you peace of mind wherever you are located. You are protected against unexpected diseases and accidents.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a  Health Insurance free quotation so that you can choose the most suitable plan among a selection of several  Medical Insurance providers. Our advisors all have International experience so that they are fully aware of your specific needs and priorities. Our plans are 100% transparent, we can also provide you with a significant discount for your company Healthcare plan.