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Healthcare industry in Mexico has achieved remarkable accomplishment in the last half-century.  This is especially noted by the amazing increase of 25 years in life expectancy.  While the last 4 generations of Mexicans have been enjoying the benefits of the national health care program, there are still millions of Mexicans who have no access to health care services.  The industry spent around 6.4% of GDP annually but this only goes to the health insurance of 40% population who are gainfully employed.  The healthcare system in the country is pluralistic -- a combination of public and private insurance programs.  It has three components: the social security institute, governmental services for the uninsured, and the private sector.

 The governmental services encompass all forms of coverage spelled out by the Secretariat of Health, and it is free in the rural areas.  Family planning, emergency, vaccination and oral rehydration services are free throughout the country.  From 1985 to 1995, there are 41% more public hospitals in the country.  Private hospitals do exist but it is not free of charge and not capable of providing adequate health care.  Most of the private hospitals are small and typically have less than 14 beds, with 50% having less than 5 beds.

 Even with the increasingly more public hospitals and alternative health services, as much as 11% of Mexicans do not have adequate access to health care.  The main reason for this discouraging situation is that even tough healthcare related expenses like treatments and medications are not expensive; they are often out of reach of poor Mexicans.  Geographical factors like remote area that is too far away from the nearest medical facility or sometimes lack of transportation to get there.  Finally there could be a sense of mistrust, or a perception that medical services rendered are of poor quality.  All these factors combined to restrict universal access to health care services especially those who are poor and stay in rural areas.

 From policymakers' standpoint, the country's public healthcare system is indeed comprehensive. The country's Article 4 of the Constitution states that no citizen should be denied of any public healthcare assistance. The fund for this public care is fully financed by taxation money and patients either receive free or sometimes charged at a token sum, treatments; taking into account of the patients' employment status.

 Mexicans who are under the employment of private businesses can look forward to Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) (English: Mexican Social Security Institute) for individual as well as dependants' coverage through its healthcare program. The fund of IMSS healthcare program comes from the employee, his or her private employer, and the federal government; all make contribution in equal parts.

 The IMSS does not allow employees of public sector to become members. Instead, public sector employees are dependent on the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) (English: Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers) to look after their healthcare needs. The ISSSTE covers all government workers, ranging from local, state, and all the way to federal government employees.

 Even with the impressive improvement in life expectancy, health status and health care availability in Mexico is still less than satisfactory, especially compared to OECD averages. Total expenditures in the healthcare industry amounts to 6.4 percent of GDP (gross domestic product) in 2005; which equates to US$675 per capita (adjusted for purchasing power parity) which constitutes only about 25% of OECD average expenditure.


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