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Repatriation Insurance

 Similar to emergency evacuation, repatriation allows you to be transported to your country of origin in case of a major Disease. Its is generally advisable to choose a medical insurance plan that will offer Repatriation as part of the medical cover, especially in countries that do not have suitable International Hospitals available.

Repatriation can be offered as an option or built-in Health Insurance plan. Some insurers offer the cost of an economy flight ticket to your country of Nationality once you recovered from a disease while some health insurance companies offer full repatriation cover with specific air flight repatriation cover. You may find that some insurers work with specific companies to offer their customers local services. As an example, Allianz often work with Mondial Assistance to offer their customers comprehensive repatriation. The advantage to have the insurer use a dedicated experienced evacuation company can be important since they specialize in evacuation and repatriation services. Some companies such as International SOS specialize specifically in Repatriation and emergency.

When you travel away from your home country it is important to have a suitable medical insurance plan that will offer comprehensive cover for unexpected diseases and accidents. International Health Cover can help you finding the most appropriate Health Insurance plan for you and your family so that you can enjoy peace of mind while traveling away  from your country of Nationality. Please do not hesitate to ask us a for a free comparative quote to choose between a large portfolio of International Insurance companies offering Repatriation options.

Depending on your country of residence our advisors can recommend a specific plan matching your needs and priorities. Some insurers offer specific benefit depending on whether you are looking for an Individual Health Insurance plan, a Family plan or a Group Health Insurance plan. Repatriations option are most generally available for all these plans.

International Health Cover offer a full  range of Healthcare plans in several countries worldwide. You can choose among our International Healthcare insurers the most suitable healthcare plan for yourself and your family.

Our International health Insurance insurance plans come with a 100% free medical insurance quotes. We offer full Healthcare support as well as free admin support. Our Medical Insurance advisors will guide you step by step to the most suitable Healthcare plan for your own needs.