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International Health Cover > Resources > Insurance Questions > Can I be covered for Health Insurance in the US and in Mexico?

Can I be covered for Health Insurance in Mexico and in the US?

We offer International Health plans worldwide and in Mexico South America and USA.


Our range of plans includes generally 2 levels of cover:

-Worldwide Including USA

-Worldwide Excluding USA

However, for Health Insurance in Mexico, South America and Central America we can offer Healthcare plans that will include Central / South America as well as USA. If you live in Mexico this means that you can cross the border to benefit from US Healthcare facilities. These plans have been developed specifically for South American and Central American citizens without the need to enroll on a full worldwide Health Insurance plans.

This can help you saving on your Health Insurance plan without dropping US coverage. Some plans may also allow you to move out in the US in the future if need be. International Health Cover works with a large amount of Top Medical Insurance companies around the globe. All our Health Insurance providers have been chosen in relation to their comprehensive medical coverage and benefits through a wide range of Health Insurance plans in Mexico. We always recommend the most comprehensive Medical Insurance providers to be certain they always offer highly coverage standards.

These International Health Insurance plans Insurers offer the security you need wherever you are traveling. Our Health Medical Insurance consultants can help you finding the most convenient doctor, Hospital in Mexico or Medical facility in Central America. Please be sure to take a look at our list of International Hospitals; this list includes International medical facilities around the world as well as in Mexico. Typically, our Health Insurance plans have very high limits and benefits which mean that your cover will protect you should an accident occur in Mexico or when traveling overseas. Most our International Health Insurance plans are lifetime renewable. If an accident happens to you or your family in Mexico you will be able to renew you Health Insurance plan.

In order to find out the best Health Insurance plan in Mexico and USA please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our advisor will contact you to provide you with further information about Health Insurance.

International Health Cover is a Medical Insurance advisor. We assist you finding the best Health Insurance. Wherever you are located our Medical Insurance advisor can find the best Medical Insurance for you. We work with Top Health Insurers to guarantee you will have High quality benefits and cover.