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Do you have Pregnancy Insurance plans?

International Health Cover works with a great variety of Top Healthcare Insurance companies around the globe. All our International Healthcare plan providers have been screened for their comprehensive health cover and Maternity benefits through an important portfolio of Healthcare insurance plans. Pregnancy coverage may be built-in plan or offered as an option. It may be a good idea to chose a health insurance plan with built-in cover as most Pregnancy Insurance plans have waiting periods of typically 8 to 12 months.

Choosing a medical insurance plan with Pregnancy built-in can help you getting rid of maternity waiting periods and benefiting from pregnancy cover as soon as you get pregnant. We always chose the most awarded Medical Insurance providers to make sure they offer highly coverage standards. Some countries such as USA or China may require very high Maternity benefits so it is recommended to ask one of our advisor the best maternity plan for your needs. Our Healthcare providers offer the security you need when you are overseas. It is crucial to understand that we are not an insurance company; we are a Health Insurance advisor.


This means that we constantly work in the best interest of our clients and not in favor of the insurance companies; thus ensuring you choose the best Healthcare Insurance plan. Our Healthcare Insurance premiums come directly from the insurance companies this means that the price you pay is exactly as if you were going directly from the insurance company, our expertise is entirely free, and we offer you a comprehensive selection of the best Health Insurance plans for your needs.

All our Maternity insurance plans offer flexibility. You may for example choose to have only Pregnancy delivery covered or full Maternity covered including pre-delivery test. We can offer several Pregnancy levels of cover; our Health Insurance plans can be customized to offer the level of cover you require; this will insure your International Health Insurance plan fully satisfies your requirements. In order to receive a free Pregnancy insurance quote please contact one of advisor.

In order to find out about Pregnancy Health Insurance please contact us for a comprehensive Health Insurance Quote.

International Health Cover is a Medical Insurance advisor. We assist you finding the best Health Insurance. Wherever you are located our Medical Insurance advisor can find the best Medical Insurance for you. We work with Top Health Insurers to guarantee you will have High quality benefits and cover.