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Advice for Health Insurance in Egypt

  International Health Insurance in Egypt Egypt
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Healthcare infrastructures in Egypt are generally good; the Egyptian government has invested in the 1980’s to increase the number of Public Hospitals and Healthcare facilities in Egypt. Both rural and city healthcare facilities benefited from new health units in order to provide Egyptians residents with adequate access to improved living conditions. This improvement had a positive impact upon Egyptian Healthcare reputation and perception by residents.
Meanwhile, Egypt enjoys both Public and Private Hospital facilities which may be owned by third parties.
In the late 1980’s further hospitals and units have been improved in urban and rural areas allowing more physicians to treat Egypt residents.

In year 2000, the will of the government was to offer easy Healthcare access to ¾ of the population. In order to reach this goal a significant amount of the GDP was allocated to the Healthcare sector. In Egypt, some tropical disease are to be taken seriously; in case you travel to Egypt it is advisable to have a health insurance in force as you may experience some higher risks of Malaria, Typhus as well as Beriberi.

While Hospitals in Egypt may not reach western facilities standards, it is generally easy to find English speaking doctors with good medical abilities. The secret to this pool of competencies is to be found in the Egyptian Medical Universities which deliver excellent teaching to a wide audience of foreign students coming from Egypt surrounding countries.

Medical cashless facilities are not very common in Egypt; while some Hospitals may offer Direct Billing it is generally recommended to take some cash with you to pay your Healthcare expenses. In case of serious Medical issue it is advisable to choose an International Health Insurance with repatriation option so that you can be evacuated should a major incident occur while in Egypt. Most Health Insurance companies offer options for both medical evacuation as well as repatriation. Choosing a safe Health Insurance plan will bring you the peace of mind you deserve while traveling away from your country of citizenship to Egypt.

Our Health Insurance advisors can help you and your family selecting the most suitable Healthcare plan in Egypt. Do not hesitate to ask us for a free medical insurance quotation while visiting Egypt. We can offer travel health insurance in Egypt as well as long term plans.

If you wish to have further information about international medical insurance in Egypt or a  free quote, please do not hesitate to contact one of our highly trained advisors.

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These plans are designed for teachers. These worldwide coverage plans are renewable and also suitable for all ages. Plan premiums will change depending on where you live and your age but are not dependent on your nationality.