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Advice for Health Insurance in Germany

  International Health Insurance in Germany
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With a life expectancy of 80 years old the German Health Care system is one of the oldest finding its roots in the German legislation of the late 19th Century.

The German legislation requires residents to be covered for Health. 
Both the Public and Private system co-exist.

Although the Public Healthcare System (Statutory) is not run by the Government it carries its regulation.
The statutory funds are partially gained from taxes.

Like Prive Healthcare the German Heaklthcare may see its premium increase in relation to Health Care cost increase.
Doctors, whether they be work the Public or Private Health care system are not employees of the national government. 
General Practitioner as well as specialist are self-employed.
Wait times for Hospitalization as well as appointments are generally reasonable and usually comparable to the ones in the United States.

The German Publich Health Care System carries some limitation regarding the number of medical sessions per quarter. As a result Doctor prescription my be impacted.

Often doctors may visit patients who cannot travel. There is also no obligation to visit your general practitioner before seeing a specialist. You can get an appointment by yourself.

Early treatment as well as prevention has been emphasized in order to reduce the cost of Health Care in Germany.
Should your doctor discover that you may be at risk developing a medical condition they will provide all information to stabilize or erase potential factors leading to acute condition. For example early concerns about weight increase will lead to provide information about healthy diet and as such lower the risks to develop cardio vascular related medical condition.

Long term Care very often is provided at home so that it is more convenient for patients.

In order to protect your family from any medical issues arising when living in France you may consider choosing a Medical insurance provider which will offer you comprehensive coverage.
Whether you are looking for Hospitalization, Outpatient, maternity or Dental cover our highly proficient staff can assist you and provide you with accurate information which will protect yourself, your family or children with Full Health care cover.

Like other European countries the public German Health care system is facing the issue of its aging population. This is likely to have an impact in the future.

You may consider to protect yourself, your family or employees in Germany in case of sickness or accident.

If you wish to have further information about international medical insurance in France or a  free quote, please do not hesitate to contact one of our highly trained advisors.

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These plans are designed for teachers. These worldwide coverage plans are renewable and also suitable for all ages. Plan premiums will change depending on where you live and your age but are not dependent on your nationality.