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Public health in Indonesia is administered through the country's three-tier systems of community health:

  1. Primary health care -- this refers to nationwide programs that promote awareness (such as personal sanity education), or execute mass immunization (such as malaria injection).  Primary health care tends to be family-or individual-focused.

  2.  Secondary healthcare -- this concerns with the healthy up-keeping of the environment as a whole, like management of sewage and mosquito insecticide spraying.

  3.  Tertiary healthcare -- this applies to administration of medical assistance, it can be either outpatient or in-patient type of treatment.

Within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations grouping or ASEAN, Indonesia ranks lowest in terms of number of hospital beds to population, i.e. 2 hospital beds for every 3000 residents.  WHO, in its official report in mid-90s, suggested that for every 100,000 Indonesians, the corresponding figures on physicians, nurses and midwives are 16, 50 and 26 respectively.

This is a country where both modern and traditional health practices are popular.  Latest figure available suggest that the country spends about 3.7% of the GDP (gross domestic product) on healthcare related expenses.  This amount is equivalent to four times the spending by the private healthcare sector.

 Diarrhea is the number one killer among the children in Indonesia.  The problem is exacerbated by the lack of clean drinking water.


Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) became a major public health problem during the early 90s.  Statistics in 2003 showed that Indonesia just ranked below Thailand and Myanmar; with 1/10 of a percent of adults being affected by it, 130,000 cases and mortality rate of 2400. 

Jakarta, the capital city, is alleged to have about 17% of prostitutes who have contracted HIV/AIDS; certain districts of Papua project an even alarming figure, with as much as 26% of the women who are not involved in a prostitution ring is believed to be infected.

 As troubling as HIV/AIDS is, Indonesians have to grapple with treat other major diseases, these are dengue fever, dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) and avian influenza.  WHO published a report pointing that in 2004, all Indonesian provincials were affected in one way or another by DHF or dengue fever.

 Air quality

 Southeast Asian countries were blanketed by haze in 1997 and 2006.  During these two separate incidents, all residents in the region were severely affected and all countries, including Indonesia, has seen a sharp spike in the number of related health conditions. 

This smoke haze is believed to be largely responsible for various respiratory symptoms at that time, and they include decreased lung function, upper respiratory infection, and asthma, in addition to the skin and eye irritation usually associated with the foreign particles in the air.

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These plans are designed for teachers. These worldwide coverage plans are renewable and also suitable for all ages. Plan premiums will change depending on where you live and your age but are not dependent on your nationality.