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Residents in Jordan actually enjoy quite a high standard of healthcare provision, even though this high standard is primarily focused around the Amman area.  According to government data, the total expenditure in health care industry amounts to 7.5% of the country's GDP (or gross domestic product) in 2002. 

However various international health organizations have felt that the number is actually a lot higher, and indicated likely as much as 9.3% is spent on this particular industry.  The two dominant players in Jordan are public and private institutions. 

The country's Health Ministry takes primary charge of the national public program, with 1,245 primary health care centers and 27 hospitals under its belt -- that is equivalent to 37% of all hospital beds in Jordan; the military's Royal Medical Services operates 11 hospitals which translate to 24% of the country's total; while the Jordan University Hospital contributes a further 3%. 

Private sector, on the other hand, makes up 36% of all hospital beds among the 56 hospitals built in the country.  Furthermore, a milestone was established in the private sector in June 2007 when Jordan Hospital (biggest privately run and general specialty hospital in Jordan) was awarded JCI international accreditation.  In general, patients pay a lot less for medical assistances in Jordan compared to other countries.

Jordan was not able to escape the proliferation of human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) but the situation is under control.

According to data released in 2003, less than one in every 1000 population is affected by this illness.  United Nations Development Program further reported that Jordan has become malaria-free from 2001; the authority has done a great job in cutting down tuberculosis by half during the 90s, but the illness remains widespread and continues to be a challenge in the years ahead. 

The 2006 bird flu outbreak did cast a shadow on the healthcare industry in Jordan though it was pretty short lived.  Cancer, a non-communicable disease, is a major threat in this country.  However, Jordan has achieved tremendous success in pushing for immunization among children in the last 15 years; it is believed that by 2002, vaccination and immunization has gone out to over 95% of children five and below.

 7 in 10 Jordanians are covered by some form of medical insurance in 2007, the government's target is to have 100% coverage by 2011.

 Jordan also boasts of international world-class facility, such as King Hussein Cancer Center.  This reputable specialized cancer treatment facility in Middle East is considered as one of the top-notch cancer treatment institutions the world has to offer. 

World Bank rated it as the best health care provider in the Middle East and one of the top five internationally.  Expatriates from the world over flocked to this Kingdom to seek medical treatments.  In 2008, a record 250,000 patients came from Egypt, Canada, America, Syria, Sudan, Palestine and Iraq to help to generate more than $1 billion to the booming medical tourism.

According to the World Bank, Jordan is the undisputed king in medical tourism in both North Africa and the Middle East, and it is closely followed by Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Israel.

CIA World Factbook credits Jordan for having one of the highest life expectancy (at 78.55 years) in the world, and just behind Israel in the region.  Due to its location and climate, Jordan constantly struggles with water resources.  Amazingly, almost 99% of its population can have easy access to clean water and sanitation.

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