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Lebanon sits on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, sharing its land borders with Syria and Israel , with a landmass measuring just 225km (140 miles) long and 46km (29 miles) wide, roughly the same size as the neighboring island of Cyprus. It has a population of slightly more than 4 million people.

Anyone travelling to Lebanon should keep themselves intelligent and intimately observe political and security developments. Travelers are proposed not to go to some areas as there as some risks may occur. If you travel to Lebanon it may be useful to know that water is normally relatively safe, may cause mild Physical discomfort. Bottled water is recommended. Drinking water outside main towns and cities is likely to be polluted and disinfection is considered essential. Before arrival ,vaccination should be considered.

The standard of healthcare in Lebanon is world-class – it has one of the better quality healthcare sectors in the Mid-East. However, during the time of war, fighting and unrest, the Lebanese public healthcare system came under pressure and its development was at a standstill, and,the medical expenses may be very expensive.

Consequently, International health insurance in Lebanon is essential. Lebanese hospitals are very advanced and well-equipped and many doctors are highly qualified with All doctors speak either English or French. The majority of hospitals in the region are private and require certification of the patient's ability to pay the bill before providing treatment ,even in emergency circumstances. Visitors who are not insured and require hospitalisation should contact their embassy for advice. Standards at Lebanon's public hospitals are much lower. The Hôtel Dieu in Achrafieh, Beirut, and the AUBMC (American University of Beirut Medical Centre) in Hamra, Beirut are the two best public hospitals in Lebanon. The better quality of healthcare in Lebanon is found in Beirut and the surrounding area – such as the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

Travelers  to Lebanon are accessible to both public and private medical facilities, but private Lebanese medical facilities are ascendant.
As an expatriate in Lebanon, or a short term traveler, it is important for you to purchase comprehensive international health insurance for Lebanon, to ensure you are fully covered for a emergency circumstances, including air ambulance services and repatriation for the duration of your time in the country which may be required in the event of extreme medical circumstances. International Health Insurance in Lebanon will bring you peace of mind.

It is necessary to be in mind that payment for medical treatment in Lebanon can be high , and many private and public healthcare facilities in Lebanon will demand cash payment up-front before any medical consultation will take place; it is necessary to be ascertain that  you have enough finance available to meet any medical costs induced in Lebanon.


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