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The Bahamas country (Commonwealth of the Bahamas) is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean composed of numerous Islands next to the United States Florida coast.  20% of the Islands are habited by Nationals, expats and tourist.  About 350,000 people live in the Bahamas which total size is 13,940 km2 . Historically, thousands of people from Cuban and the Caribbean Island Hispaniola moved to southeastern Bahamas centuries ago. Several centuries later, French, Spanish and UK citizens settles in the Bahamas. More recently, in the middle of the 20th century, United Kingdom set up a government to reflect British Commonwealth model. The Bahamas is a parliament democracy based on the British political system.

The Bahamas has a sub-tropical climate and is subject to Hurricanes; this was the case in the beginning of the 1990’s with famous “Hurricane Andrew”.

Healthcare system in the Bahamas

The Healthcare system in the Bahamas is composed of both public Healthcare and Private Bahamas Hospitals. Since the Bahamas is composed of a multitude of Island, access to Health care is generally difficult as there are several medical facilities in a multitude of Island. Access to treatment can also prove to be uneasy as each medical facility has specific opening hours. If you travel to the Bahamas we recommend you get some information about the opening hour of the medical facility close to your destination.

The quality of treatment you can find in the Bahamas can vary. Generally, US Medical insurance plans will not cover you in the Bahamas. Our experience suggests that Medical Insurance providers generally consider the Bahamas as being a different geographical zone from the US. This means that in the vast majority of cases you do not have to take a medical plan including the US to be covered in the Bahamas. This is very important as full Internationals health Insurance plan can be costly. Should you wish to travel in the US for short term trips, some insurers offer limited emergency health insurance while in the US; please do not hesitate to ask one of our consultants regarding this possibility.

In case you travel to the Bahamas we generally advise to take some cash with you in case you have to visit a medical facility in the Bahamas since a vast majority of Hospitals will require to be paid up front. You may them pay and get reimbursed by your insurance company.
Also, since the cost of Health treatment can be very high in the Bahamas it is recommended to choose a suitable Health Insurance plan before you travel to the Bahamas so that you can be fully protected in case of accident or unexpected disease. Please do not hesitate to request a free comprehensive Health Insurance quote in order to choose from a range of insurance plans. We help you finding the most suitable Health Insurance plans for your needs in the Bahamas so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

International Health Cover also offer free admin support during the length of your plan. Please do not forget to take a look at our Bahamans Hospital list.


If you wish to have receive more information about International Health Insurance in Bahamas ask us for a  Free Quote, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team member.

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These plans are designed for teachers. These worldwide coverage plans are renewable and also suitable for all ages. Plan premiums will change depending on where you live and your age but are not dependent on your nationality.