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Bupa China

Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa China

Bupa has recently set up an agreement with “All Trust” (a licensed Insurance company in China) to distribute their plans under license. Healthcare in China has been shifting to more comprehensive plans offering advanced services and facilities to their customers. Bupa’s goal is to offer highly comprehensive health care plans in People’s Republic of China to expats as well as Chinese nationals.   The British United Provident Association (Bupa) aims to increase Healthcare benefits in China in high end medical facilities such as for instance United Family or Parkway.

Currently, both their Flagship “Who Plan” as well as their Corporate Health Insurance plans are licensed. Licensed plans in China allow customers to pay their plan in Chinese currency (RMB) but also to benefit from Chinese receipt (Fapio). The Fapio is important if an organization based in China wants be able to use the receipt for accounting and Tax purposes. There are no difference in Benefits between Bupa International plans offered outside of China and licensed plans in China, both offer International Health Insurance coverage worldwide excluding the US and full worldwide cover including USA.

In the meantime if you are not located in mainland China, Bupa International Medical Insurance plans admin and claims is still handled by Bupa Hong Kong. International Health Cover can provide you with accurate quotation to find the most suitable Bupa plan according to your needs. We have extensive experience dealing with Bupa products. Whether you are looking for a Bupa Corporate International Health Insurance plan or Bupa health care plans for Individuals please do not hesitate to contact us for a comprehensive review of the most appropriate plans for your needs. Our service is 100% Free; we do all the hard work for you.



  •  Can my company pay for my Bupa plan in China?

Yes, your company can pay for your Bupa International Healthcare plan. They will benefit from free Fapio. The payment must be in RMB. If your company has several employees they can benefit from significant discount with Bupa; the more employees for corporate health insurance plans the bigger the discount. Group benefits can also be customized. Our consultants can make a free benchmark for your company to evaluate how you may benefit from a Medical Insurance group scheme. 

  •  What if I move out from China, can I keep my Bupa plan?

Since Bupa offer International plans for citizens based outside China through their Hong Kong office you can switch to the Hong Kong office with the exact same plan. This will allow you to benefit from continuous cover. For Chinese Nationals you may continue to be insured by Bupa China and keep paying your Health Insurance premiums in RMB. Whether you live in Shanghai or Beijing, we can help you choosing the most suitable healthcare plan.