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Bupa Thailand

Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa Thailand

Bupa extended its presence in Thailand to offer local plans. These plans differ from Bupa International plans as they generally offer reduced cover and cheaper premiums.  These local Bupa plans are offered to Individual, family and Corporate. They are suited to the generally reduced Outpatient cost found in the local Thailand Market.  Bupa Thailand also has a number of employees in Thailand working in Healthcare sector. Bupa Thailand main office is located in Bangkok. You may also have a look at Thailand list of hospitals.

If you are interested in Bupa plans and you travel regularly we recommend you consider Bupa International plans as they offer healthcare plans with mobility in mind. In case you wish to retire in Thailand and want to reduce the cost of your healthcare plan please do not hesitate to ask one of our consultants, we will provide you a selection of medical plan matching your needs.



  •  Can Bupa cover me for medical emergency?

 Bupa cover medical emergency as a result of unexpected accident or disease. However, depending on your profile, needs and expectation we will make specific recommendation based on a quote including several plans and insurers. Bupa offers the choice to select additional emergency evacuation and repatriation option. Please contact us for a free health plan overview.

  •  Can I keep my Bupa Thailand plan if I move out from Thailand to a foreign country?

Most Bupa Thailand plans are most suitable in countries where healthcare cost is relatively low. If you relocate to some foreign country where healthcare cost is higher you may have to pay from your own pocket the uncovered cost. For International mobility please contact us for a free health insurance quote.