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Bupa Hong Kong

Bupa Health Insurance


A Hong Kong presence among leading Health Insurance companies is widely regarded as important. Bupa offers various International Health Insurance plans. Local plans aside, Bupa International plans include the Worldwide Health Option plans, the Lifeline plan and the Corporate plans. The first two Healthcare Plans are for Individual and Family whereas the corporate health insurance plan are generally geared toward medium to large organizations with comprehensive benefits.

As a Bupa International member you can access over 200,000 medical providers worldwide, with over 7,500 quality assured hospitals and clinics offering direct settlement agreements for in-patient and day-case treatment.

Bupa Asia, based in Hong Kong also offers an impressive level of customer support to their clients whether they be nationals of expats living away from their country of Nationality.

International Health cover can guide you in the choice of the most appropriate Bupa plan available through Bupa Asia; our consultants have extensive experience dealing with International customers around the world looking for Bupa health insurance plans and more generally several insurers offering comprehensive International Health Insurance in Hong Kong and abroad. Do not wait any longer; ask us a fully comprehensive Health Insurance quote with a selections of affordable plans matching your requirements.



Questions related to Bupa Asia Plans:

  •  If I travel, do I have to send my Bupa Claims to Hong Kong by post?

Bupa International offers both flexible cover and easiness of claims. You may generally travel overseas and send you Outpatient claim by email or fax. For Hospitalization, in most cases the payment will be arranged by Bupa if you attend one of the 7,500 recognised providers offering direct settlement.. If it is an emergency, you can call the Bupa  Medicalc centre, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. For non urgent hospitalizations, you are required to fill in pre-authorization form so that Bupa can arrange payment with your medical facility.

  •   How Competitive are Bupa Hong Asia plans?

When choosing a Bupa plan you have access to excellent benefits. Bupa International plans usually reflect higher benefits and quality of service. However, some of their plans allow you to select the module you want to reduce your premium; for instance the Worldwide Health Options Plan allows you to be covered for Pregnancy delivery only and not all aspects of maternity. Along with choosing the right deductible you can manage to get a sustainable Health Insurance cover at a reasonable price.