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  Solomon Islands International Health Insurance Solomon Islands 
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Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a monarchy in Oceania, consisting of almost 1,000 tropical islands and covering a land mass of 28,400 square  km. With its superb marine life, the country is a diver's paradise. But travel to Solomon Islands is not without danger. The islands are prone  to destructive earthquakes and tsunamis. So travelers are advised to arrange for health insurance prior to departure. Prescribed medications ought to remain in their original packaging in carry-on luggage.

In Solomon Islands, hospitals and more generally medical facilities are very basic and extremely limited. Any regular prescription medication should be brought from home, due to the serious limitations of Solomon Islands health  to provide adequate Healthcare treatment and medication.

The country‚Äôs health care staff is severely lacking. Some Solomon Islands hospitals have no doctors and some districts have no hospitals. Rural health centers occupied by nurses are positioned throughout the country. Solomon Islands Public health insurance is very incomplete. Medical  insurance is essential as serious injuries and illnesses may necessitate medical evacuation to close foreign countries. Treatment can prove to be costly, and you may be required to pay your medical expenses in advance and get reimbursed. We recommend you choose a relevant private Health Insurance plan prior to traveling to Solomon Islands. Whether you need to be covered for Hospitalisation, Outpatient, Dental or Maternity we can help you finding the most suitable health insurance in Solomon Islands.

Traveling to Solomon Islands

The world Health Organization suggest that there is a high risk of transmissible illness in Solomon Islands, which accounts for more than 50% of all years of life vanished. As with many tropical countries, poor standards of general sanitation and inadequate Healthcare medical facility make Dengue fever and malaria very common; sleeping under mosquito nets and using insect resistant with DEET is strongly recommended, and taking a preventative dose of anti-malarial medication may be recommended upon consultation with a physician in your home country. It is recommended to take normal precautions to avoid exposure to HIV/AIDS. Avoid animal bites or scratches. Do not get in contact or feed any animals, for instance dogs or cats. This includes animals that seem healthy as they can carry rabies or other contagious diseases.

However, more and more non-communicable diseases are affecting the local population. Besides, as a result of limited accessibility and availability of health care, maternal mortality is high.

In Solomon Islands, contaminated food and water are the prime cause of sickness among travelers. All water should be regarded as impure and unsafe for your health. Water used for consumption or teeth cleaning must be boiled first unless it is pure. Milk is not pasteurized and high temperature boiling is needed to sterilize it. Powdered milk is obtainable and is recommended. Stay away from food that is likely to have been made from unclean water or milk. Choose clean well-cooked meat as well as fish. Its is recommended to cook Vegetables and peel all fruits before consumption.

Should the unthinkable happens and a serious medical emergency occur, medical expenses including evacuation may cost tens of thousands of dollars. We recommend that you take out comprehensive health insurance with suitable benefits that will cover any overseas medical expenses, including medical evacuation, before you depart. Confirm that your insurance covers you for the whole time you'll be away and check what circumstances and activities are not included in your plan. You should contact your insurance/medical assistance company promptly if you are referred to a medical facility for treatment.

If you wish to have receive more information about International Healthcare plan in Solomon Islands ask us for a  Free Quote, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team member.

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